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Dear colleagues,

The Korean Society for Psoriasis is excited to welcome you to the 2nd ASP 2024 Seoul. The conference is scheduled to take place at COEX in Seoul, Korea, from August 31 to September 1, 2024. Due to the pandemic, international exchanges have been limited in Korea over the past few years. However, from last year, we were able to host an in-person gathering and welcome psoriasis experts from both domestic and international backgrounds. I am honored to host this valuable event.

The ASP (Asian Society for Psoriasis) was founded in 2019 after more than five years of preparation and numerous international discussions among Asian psoriasis experts. Finally, the 1st ASP was held in Tokyo in 2022 through the hard work of key members of ASP, including Professor Akira Ozawa, 1st President of ASP; Professor Jaiil Youn, the founder of Korean Society for Psoriasis; Professor Min Zheng, the president of International Psoriasis Symposium at the 5th Eastern Asia Dermatology Congress in 2018 and other key members from Asian countries. The conference in Tokyo was highly successful, fostering extensive sharing and highlighting the importance of international partnership within Asian countries.

Building upon the achievement of the 1st ASP 2022 Tokyo, we are fully committed to making the 2nd ASP 2024 Seoul a successful and memorable event. With this in mind, we will organize this conference, inviting many psoriasis experts from Asia and Western countries, in order to gain insights into the latest trends in psoriasis treatment, exchange valuable knowledge and opinions, and foster friendship between Asian experts.

I sincerely hope that you will attend the conference, support the Asian Society for Psoriasis, and share your latest insights, friendship and confidence.

Looking forward to welcoming you to this prestigious conference, we anticipate a memorable and fruitful experience for all attendees.

With best regards,

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